Australia’s Languages

Australian Indigenous Languages Information Stacks


These files present information about Australia's indigenous languages. They were produced at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in 1994.

This software only runs on Macintosh computers.

These files are now distributed as freeware, and subject to the usual copyright restrictions as indicated on the opening screen.

Some of the information in these stacks is no longer current, for example the names and addresses of language centres may well have changed since these stacks were produced.

I hope that there will be an updated version of these stacks produced sometime in the future, and I am happy to get comments and feedback.

To download a copy, please send me a request at the address below and I will reply with a message giving the location of the file, available as .sea (2.7 Mb).

Nick Thieberger

November 1999

Update (2020): The files are in the internet archive, running under emulation here: You need to be patient, the emulator takes a minute to load, then you need to doubleclick on the disk icon, then on the icon that says AustraliasLanguages. When it asks you for StartHere, just select the item presented to you.

The Warnman Story is available here:

The list of language names is available here:

A set of wordlists in different languages is here:


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