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Searchable online dictionary of Tahitian, ABC Pacific Beat 02/05/17

• Nick Thieberger, Rachel Hendery. Visualising and archiving data Australian Society of Archivists, NSW Branch newsletter, 02/05/17

Virtual reality experience to capture the diversity of Pacific languages, Pacific Beat, 7/4/2017

COOL Linguists share their knowledge, Solomon Fresh Beat Online, 13/7/2017

Can virtual reality help save endangered Pacific languages? 31/7/2017 (ABC Radio)

• Can virtual reality help save endangered Pacific languages?, PNG Post Courier , 8/2/2017, Hard copy only

1960s Pacific language tapes digitised, ABC Radio, 10/18/2016

Un dictionnaire en ligne Francais-Tahitien (A French-Tahitian online dictionary), Radio 1 Tahiti, 04/05/17

Un dictionnaire en ligne français-tahitien, Dom Tom News (French Territories -Pacific- online news site) 05/05/17

Polynésie française: Une nouvelle version web du dictionnaire tahitien, Outremers 360 05/05/17

Islands of Language enter Virtual Reality, Pursuit Magazine (online) 15/05/17

Languages in Virtual Reality, ABC 774 Melbourne Breakfast, 20/05/17

Indigenous Communities Working Hard to Preserve their Language, The Wire - Community and Indigenous Radio, 30/05/17

Tahitian dictionary, France TVinfo -Journal Polynésie, 10/06/17

Le site internet du Fare Vāna'a fait peau (Tahitian dictionary), 12/06/17

Le site internet du Fare Vāna’a fait peau (Tahitian dictionary), DomTom News, 13/06/17

The race to digitise language records of the Pacific region before it is too late The Conversation, March 22, 2016

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